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How can I clear the cars from Car Comparison?

You can eliminate them one by one by clicking on the X button under each vehicle photo. Or if you want to delete all the selection at the same time you can click on the option clear all on the upper right corner of the box with the vehicles.

Can I expand all the categories available at the same time?

No. You can do it in one single step by clicking on the expand all button located under the car box on the lower left corner.

How can I share a Car Comparison with my friends?

When you make a car comparison you may want to share it with your friends. To do so click on the send to a friend option, located just above the upper corner of the cars box. You will then have fill the name of your friend and his email adress. You can also write a little message to join the message. When everything is filled, click on the send button to complete the action.

How can I find a model/series/version in the encyclopedia? The easiest way to find what you are looking for is to use the search engine located on the top bar of Autoviva. Write the name of the make/model/series/version you are looking for, as soon as you start typing results will begin to appear below. Chose one or press ‘Enter’ to see the results.